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Friday, May 30, 2003


I played another $11 poker tournament tonight and won again, so another $50 has been added to my account. I am so stoked!

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And now, because she demanded it:

I heat up, I can't cool down
You got me spinnin' 'round and 'round.
'round and 'round and 'round it goes
Where it stops nobody knows.

Every time you call my name
I heat up like a burning flame.
Burning flame full of desire
Kiss me, baby
Let the fire get higher.

Abra Abra Cadabra -
I want to reach out and grab ya.
Abra Abra Cadabra - Abracadabra.

You make me hot, you make me sigh.
You make me laugh, you make me cry.
Keep me burnin' for your Love
With the touch of a velvet glove.

Abra Abra Cadabra
I want to reach out and grab ya.
Abra Abra Cadabra - Abracadabra.

I feel the magic in your caress.
I feel magic when I touch your dress.
Silk and satin, leather and lace.
Black panties with an angel's face.

I see magic in your eyes.
I hear the magic in your sighs.
Just when I think I'm gonna get away
I hear those words that you always say:

Abra Abra Cadabra -
I want to reach out and grab ya.
Abra Abra Cadabra - Abracadabra.

Every time you call my name . . .
I heat up, I can't cool down.
My situation goes 'round and 'round.

I heat up, I can't cool down.

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A Drunken Vegas Fish Tale

The ever-luscious Joelle's drunk Vegas post finally inspired me enough to get me to post about the drunkest night I had in Vegas while we were there a few weeks ago.

We got in early Sunday morning at 9:00 am Vegas time. Checked into The Bellagio and went over to The Flamingo for their breakfast buffet. (I wouldn't recommend going there for lunch or dinner, but their breakfast buffet freaking rocks!)

After eating (or in my case stuffing myself like a pig), we met up with Steven's best friend Ernie and his wife Rita who were there at the same time. We then took naps since waking up at 5:00 am is never conducive to partying.

After getting up, the drinking began. I guess I did three or four vanilla vodka shots before we left to go have dinner with Ernie and Rita at Del Frisco's, a steak house. When we got there I had a yummy mandarin madras. While we had dinner (and it was so delicious) I finished of almost all of Rita's margarita since she didn't want it.

When we left there we went to the Ghostbar where I had three more mandarin madras. We left there with another friend of Steven's, Danny, and went over to see his room in the Rio. We then went upstairs to the Voodoo Lounge where I proceeded to have yet another mandarin madras. When Danny went to go get more drinks I actually asked for another until Steven pointed out I was drunk enough.

We sat out there for a while and talked, mostly about poker. Eventually we had Danny drive us back to The Bellagio since he had a rental car and we didn't.

After we left the Ghostbar I had abandoned my high heels and was walking around barefooted. When we got to The Bellagio a security guard person made me put my shoes on which I managed to do with a lot of help from Steven. As soon as we got to the elevator, however, I kicked them back off.

I immediately flopped onto the bed once we got to our room, buzzing pretty hard. Steven took one look at my feet and announced they were filthy and I needed to go wash them. I managed to hold them up to look at them (they were solid black), giggled, and teetered off to the bathroom.

The Bellagio has this big, wonderful marble bathtub so I sat on the edge of it and swung my legs over. While trying to turn on the water I bang my knee into the gorgeous but extremely sharp faucet. My knee immediately begins bleeding. I'm so drunk I can't really feel it, but it makes me laugh and I call out to Steven that I just cut myself.

He comes in the bathroom, sees me perched naked on the side of the tub giggling at my cut knee, and washs my feet for me. I'm sure if I would have continued trying to wash them, I would have fallen face forward into the tub and drowned, probably while giggling the entired time.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you are so drunk you can't even wash your own feet, you are very drunk indeed.

More Vegas stories coming, I promise!

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Real Money

Even though my BlogShares fortune is fake, the money accumulated in my poker tournaments isn't.

Tonight I got into a $6 tournament as I do most every day. The payouts for the top three places (ten people in each tournament) is $10, $15, and $25. I couldn't catch any hands and ended up something like seventh which is abysmal.

So, I figured screw it and I sat down at a $11 tournament. The tournament's twice as much to play (just about), so the payout's twice as high.

I caught a few good hands and managed to stay in the top four places or so the whole tournament. It finally gets down to four people. The next one to get eliminated gets knocked out of the money, so needless to say, fourth place always sucks as a finish.

It was inevitable that the guy to my right always would call my raise or raise my blind and he and I went back and forth. He'd catch a hand, then I'd catch a hand. I finally get pocket tens and raise him at which point one of the only players actually says, "Grudge match #6?" He calls and the flop comes 8-8-4. He bets and I raise him all in. He had an ace, but since I had a pair, all I had to do was dodge an ace and I did, eliminating him from the tournament and assuring me a money spot.

The next person was knocked out rather quickly by the other player and then it was just me and him. We went back and forth for a while until I got a money lead and called his race with jack-eight suited. Two spades came on the flop, but he had a pair of queens. Luckily for me, the river was a spade giving me a flush and leaving him with only a few hundred dollars. He was all in on the next hand with an ace-six, but I had an ace-seven and caught an ace on the flop to win first place and $50.

I never play these higher tournaments so I had to come record my first place finish for posterity. Of course, I may just start playing them since the payout is much higher and the player's not any better.

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BlogShares Obsession

I have been completely obsessed with BlogShares lately.

The good news - increasing my fortune by about $7 million this week alone. The bad news - it's still fake money!

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Fundraising Help

As some of you probably know, the wonderful and adorable Erika works at a non-profit youth center in Boston.

She's trying to get funding to publish a magazine written by her girls. If you could spare some money, why not go over there and help her out? It's an amazing cause.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Lists Of Bests

I found the most interesting site the other day. It's called Lists of Bests and what it does is allow you to track which books you've read, movies you've seen, and music you've listened to on various "Best of" lists.

For instance, I've only read two Pulitzer Prize fiction winners, but I've read nine of the Bram Stoker winners. I've also seen twenty-one of the Best Picture Academy Award winners. You can view my stats here.

How do you compare?

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The Connection Game

One of the guys at the office was checking the RoadRunner status page for Houston and it looks like there are outages all over Houston, Spring, Humble, and The Woodlands. Odds are not looking good for having a connection when I get home, so I thought I'd make a quick, "How you doing?" post before I left.

I went to The Limited today and totally scored on some sale items. I got two stretchy shirts (cotton/spandex blend), a necklace, and a pair of earrings for $30. I totally love one of the shirts since you can dress it up or down with either pants or a skirt. When I wear it, I'll have to take some pictures.

Joelle's Vegas posts have completely inspired me to post my own Vegas stories here very, very soon. I have a great story that is just a classic drunk story.

Okay, getting ready to leave soon and run to the PetSmart to see if they still have this huge, gorgeous calico oranda that was there when I went in at lunch to get a heater for the tank. I will be pissed if he was sold in between now and then since the guy said they couldn't hold them.

Happy pseudo Monday, y'all!

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Monday, May 26, 2003

Woo hoo!

I just had to come and go, "Woo hoo!," since I got first place in a poker tournament through some great reads and calls on my part. I also got a second place early this morning, so I'm feeling good.

Steven and I spent a few hours laying on the couch and watching the E! Hollywood True Story on Corey Haim and the Beverly Hills 90210 cast. Quite entertaining and a nice way to just veg out.

My brother and his girlfriend are coming in from a weekend in Mexico and since they're leaving for Europe on Sunday, we're all supposed to go to dinner tonight. Steven's feeling under the weather and is probably going to stay home so he doesn't get anyone sick. Of course, the time and place are still up in the air, so it's anybody's guess what happens tonight. Guess that means it's time for a bit more Civilization: Call To Power.

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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Conquering the World One City at a Time

Despite wanting to catch up on all kinds of things, I've spent the day playing Civilization: Call To Power (conquering the planet one city at a time), some poker tournaments, and trying to increase my BlogShares fortune (feel free to gift me shares of your blog. I love when someone does that!).

We went to the most fabulous restaurant last night with some friends called Maggiano's. Steven and I had been there before but my food curse was acting up and they were out of lasagna, my absolute favorite thing to eat. Before we got there I made Steven promise to sacrifice a waiter if they were out and I guess the threat proved good enough since they had some.

The portions there are huge and I got the most delicious lasagna that was almost the size of an entire plate. Steven had chicken milanese which he is actually cooking right now in the kitchen. I love my chef-like boyfriend.

Anyway, it's been a lovely (if lazy) day and I hope everyone's enjoying their holiday!

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Saturday, May 24, 2003

So Much To Say, So Much To Do

Like Christine, I've had a lot I want to say and do around this place, but I haven't really had the energy more than the time to do it. I still want to post an in-depth post about Vegas, I have some pictures to get out of the Pencam, tons of e-mails to answer, and I've got a lot of little things I need to take care of around the house, not to mention a skin idea I've had for months. Poor BiblioBlog hasn't been updated in months, though I've finished ten more books or so since the last update.

It's been easy not to do any of these things since I've started the Lexapro. I've been thinking about how I feel since I've been on it and the answer is much better, desite being so tired all the time. I know my blood pressure is a bit higher (normal as opposed to low), so that may have something to do with it. Plus, I've started drinking more Sprites than Cokes, so my caffiene intake is probably lower too.

Well, we've got friends coming over in an hour and since I'm sitting her in a t-shirt and boxes with my hair in a towel, glasses on, and no make-up, I guess I better go get ready. Maybe over the holiday I can make it a goal to get some of this stuff done.

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Friday, May 23, 2003


Man, is there anything better than the start of a three day weekend?

I stopped on the way home and bought the most beautiful beta I've ever seen (bringing the total number of betas up to three) to add to our fishy family.

I got second place in a poker tournament, my raspberry candle smells delicious, we're going to Chinese Cafe for dinner, and drinking is about to commence. Ah, life is good.

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Thursday, May 22, 2003

The Philosophy of The Matrix: Reloaded

Incredibly interesting (and deep) article on the philosophy of The Matrix: Reloaded. Lots of ideas that I hadn't even considered that opened up whole new ways of seeing the movie.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Tons of Pictures

Thirty-one new photos have made their way into Picture Fish.

Some of my favorites include an untouched self-portrait and a lomoized one. I also love this picture of me (it shows my new blonde hair off beautifully). There are some great landscape shots and some from our zoo visit. There are even some interesting skyline shots and a new Bella picture.

You can see all of the new ones here.

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Access Problems

I got home yesterday with a brand new Ryukin goldfish to add to our fishy family. While floating him (helps the fish adjust to the new water temperature) I went to go check my e-mail only to find that the Internet was down. I called Road Runner and learned that there were outages in the area and they had no idea when it would be up. Unfortunately, it was still down when I got up this morning, so while I'm hoping I have access when I get home, I'm not necessarily betting on it.

BlogShares has been real volatile today, so I'm goint to be pissed if I can't get on tonight and everything crashes and my portfolio makes takes a dive. I am this close to being a millionaire.

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Get 'Em While They're Hot

I issued some new shares in the Neurotic Fishbowl over at BlogShares, so get 'em while they're hot!

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Me and everyone else on one of the servers over at Blogomania got hacked yesterday. Rebuilding my index files fixed the issue except for the skin selector page and the smilies palette.

I'll probably have to recreate those pages since I don't have a current back-up of the skins page and I don't think I have one at all of the smilies index page at all. It shouldn't take a long time, but don't expect to see them until later tonight.

Fucking hackers.

Updated: Looks like Christine re-uploaded those files for me, so everything should be back in order. It's good to know people in high places.

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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Lazy Day Sunday

I spent most of the day watching stuff that the TiVo recorded while we were on vacation and playing a little poker (first place in a tournament, which is always nice).

I've also started sorting through my vacation photos and some that we took at the zoo and while back. The first few are showing up over in Picture Fish, so feel free to go have a look. These first ones are lomoized through a Photoshop action and I really like how they look.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Go Fish Glasses

Because I'm geeky, I had to share with y'all the cute glasses I got from Crate and Barrel the other day. Aren't these great? Perfect for a neurotic fishgirl.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003


I love a nap with a warm, purring kitty who's obviously missed you as much as you missed her. I so loves my Belley girl.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Home Again

Steven and I are back from Vegas. I lost a few hundred bucks, so no big wins allowing me to retire young.

Steven's off to get dinner and I have approximately 300 e-mails to wade through, so a more detailed description of the trip with photos should pop up here in the next day or two. I just had to say hi.

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A little randomness

This is a guest post written by Anabella of

Ive been thinking about the things I could share with you, while Kimberly is on vacation (lucky her!) but I really have no clue. I was tempted to ask the women out there: what do you do on a boring day to pamper yourselves? Because I need tips, I do. And Ive also wanted to ask: how many of you (men or women) are literally attacked by allergies every year? Because I am. And currently, too. Please insert a lot of sneezing and Puffs hugging while I write this.

Did you watch Oprah, today? It was about Extreme Makeovers. I used to be against the idea, but the saying is true, you choose your personality, not your body, and if you dont like it, you can bury it, but you wont ever change it. It seems so easy when people say, Learn to love yourself! When I look in the mirror, I wouldnt want to change my face or body, even if I am sometimes disappointed by it. But there are some people out there who really have good reasons for getting makeovers. And seeing their after-self confidence definitely makes it work the pain, dont you think?

Theres just one thing I can think of adding, and that is: Today I went shopping at The Bay (its like Sears, or K-Mart, or Wal-Mart, or Zellers) for swimwear. I went there because I know you can get something good for cheap. Well, I was wrong. Take a normal one piece with absolutely not one design or string of originality and it was on sale for 90$. Let me tell you, I was out as soon as I came in, and thank goodness the swimwear section was in the entrance. What happened to 20$ swimsuits? If only Old Navy had one pieces ;)

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Reasons For Love #26

This week's Reasons are being posted by Christine of The Passionate Ailurophile

Every Wednesday those who are involved in a relationship with somebody share a few (simple but significant) reasons for their love. Please keep in mind that this does not have to be a romantic relationship. It can be about a parent, a sibling, a friend, a co-worker, your kid, your dog, whatever.

Stop in here to join the notify list, see who else has left their reasons, and to be added to the blogroll. Also, feel free to save the button below to your server and link it to

I love Mike because...

  • He doesn't make fun of me for having bobble-head baseball dolls!
  • He doesn't think it's silly that I bought DVD's for kitties.
  • He likes to brush the kitties...even Dusty, who only likes to be brushed with Mike's hairbrush!
  • He always thanks me when I do something for him...even something simple like picking him up at work!
  • He is good at fixing things.
  • He always insists that I have the best!

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Sense and sensibility

This is a guest post by Nicole while Kymberlie is on vacation...

When did you consider yourself an adult? When I was about 14 years old I wanted to be treated like an adult so badly. I thought I could be rational and make sound decisions for myself. It became painfully obvious that I was a moron when I got kicked off my cheerleading team for threatening to kill the coach and her entire family. No, of course I didn't mean a word of it -- I was just talking out of my ass, as all 14 year olds do. But that's really not the point. I consider myself incredibly lucky that it was 1986 instead of 2003. Today they just would have thrown my ass out of school and possibly tossed me in juvenile detention.

I do, however, think I had a pretty good grasp on reality when I was a senior in high school. It's readily apparent that these are different times. People have been taught that the stupid things they do are not their fault, and that personal responsibility and consequences for their actions just don't exist or don't apply to them. I don't know how or when it happened, but it did.

Those chicks from Illinois who videotaped a hazing incident have been suspended, but are maintaining that they didn't do anything wrong and shouldn't be punished for it. Within hours of being suspended, at least one of them obtained a temporary restraining order to keep it from happening.

"You are entitled to an education so when someone takes that right from you without giving you due process, they have violated (your) due process rights," said Naomi Valas, an attorney representing 18-year-old Marnie Holz. Holz declined to comment on the lawsuit.
I guess the right to not be assaulted isn't as important as the right to an education? Anyone who doesn't see this type of violence as a problem has never been in a classroom with a disruptive student, someone who doesn't want to learn, has no concept of respect for others, and no interest in letting others get an education. Whether the violence happens in the classroom, or off campus, it's still an issue.

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New Look for eBay

This is a guest post from Carla of

Have you been surfing around eBay lately? You may have noticed that eBay is previewing a new look that will make it's debut this summer. If you haven't seen it, you can see for yourself. I say it's long overdue. It's been a long time since eBay's made some usable improvements. At least now you'll be able to see the image and bid right at the top of the page.

I have to say the guest posters are doing a good job while Kymberlie is gone... At least I think so. I've been waiting for a moment to post when there wasn't much going on but everyone's on the ball.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Is There...

...something about my car that makes it attractive for use as a bird restroom? Every damned day, I have to clean bird crap off the car.

And I don't even park under a tree!

I can't get away from it. This past weekend, when we were in Portland, Maine, we went to the car after the Sea Dogs game, and there was a huge glop of seagull sh*t right smack in the middle of the windshield. Ugh! Of all the bird sh*t out there, there is nothing more disgusting than that of the seagull!

I've long since learned to keep a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windex in the car at all times.

Also...HOW do the birds manage to sh*t on the SIDE of the car? Today, there was some on the driver's side door.

I wish I had a garage!

This has been a guest post from Christine of The Passionate Ailurophile.

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...and a *guest-posted* This or That!

***Guest post by Kimberly of KMF.n +***

This or That:
1. Packrat or minimalist?
2. Computer: desktop or laptop?
Desktop, x2!
3. Seashore or mountains?
4. Carpeting or bare floors?
Carpeting. Have you SEEN the dust that builds up on wood floors?
5. Drinking water: bottled or tap?
Bottled. It's cheaper than tap here.
6. Shopping websites: eBay or Amazon?
eBay, Bay-bee!
7. Cute little kitties or big scary tigers?
Big scary tigers. Fun with the meat, yes?
8. Front door or back door?
Side door.
9. Lots of jewelry, or little/none?
Lots, but not all at once and not all precious stuff, I love my whimsy, don't'cha know!
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: At the last minute, you obtain tickets to an event you're dying to attend. However, you have to work that day! Do you ask the boss for the time off, or just call in sick?
I tell the boss to go pack sand because he doesn't pay me enough to miss THIS!

Have a loverly Tuesday all! :)

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You bring me closer to god

This is a guest post by Nicole while Kymberlie is on vacation...

So it's your wedding day, you're all dressed in your $1,000 gown, all your friends and family are gathered, and you walk down the aisle inflatable church?

The only way this could be a good idea is if the whole thing was like one of those big inflatable Moon Bounce things you see at know, take off your shoes and jump to your heart's content. Now that would be fun! Take your vows while doing backflips!

As is, though, this just screams shotgun wedding where the guests are all in overalls, sporting mullets: Put your keg of moonshine down and help me blow up this here wedding chapel, Cleetus!

Mr Gill told BBC News Online: "I wanted to launch it at the Christian Resource Centre so I could get the stamp of approval of the Christian sector.

"That is key to the product and how it is perceived.

Orders for the church have been received from over 20 countries "It could have been easy to have upset a large part of the human race with this but the reaction so far has been absolutely phenomenal."

I'm not a religious person and I don't believe in the Christian version of things, but I'm assuming this guy is worried that people will see it as a joke, right? I mean, the kicker for me was the inflatable cross on the inflatable pulpit. That's comedy gold. All they need is an inflatable Buddy Christ and inflatable creche set with real mooing cows in the poofy barn! Oooo, and an inflatable cup and plate for the communion, and maybe even an inflatable pool for the holy water.

Yeah, I guess that could be considered a little sacrilegious. But the uniqueness factor is high. I mean, I would imagine that a wedding held in an inflatable church would make you the talk of the town for years.

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Monday, May 12, 2003

Guess what happens...

...when you leave the free sample bag of Purina One kitty food you got in the mail today, just laying around...

Guess I wasn't thinking! With eight cats, we buy the largest bags of cat food, and then dump them out into plastic there are no bags for hungry kitties to rip open!

Oh, well! What can you do? Pictured here is the Stripecat.

This has been a guest post from Christine of The Passionate Ailurophile

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Cock a doodle doo

This is a guest post by Nicole while Kymberlie is on vacation...

I have to say -- I'm a little worried about the recent slew of penis whackings in the news. Have a fight with your wife, hack your jewels off. Feel depressed, slice the schweaty weiner up. I understand that the carving of the trouser snake is a symbolic gesture, but can't we find a better symbolic gesture?

It's giving me the willies.

Today's tragic tale of genital woe comes to us from Kenya. Explain to me the rational thought behind slicing off your weewee because your cheating wife won't give you a divorce. Who wins in that situation?

What I really want to know is this -- are these copycat crimes of stupidity, or is there just this global trend in trying to solve one's problems by cutting off the unit? Did the first guy who said, "Hey, I'm mad at you. Wait! I'll prove it by taking a machete to my johnson!" create a shockwave around the male world, putting the seed of idiocy into their collective heads?

And you might notice that it's only men who disfigure their private parts. You don't see women running around with hatchets trying to mutilate their labia or clitoris. A woman might run at a penis with a knife, but I would like to think we're way too smart to try anything stupid with our own equipment.

And today's random thought for the day brought to you by the letter "P."

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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Bukowski-ism 101...

*Brought to you by guest-poster, Kimberly of KMF.n and (don't visit the URLs because one site is closed and the other is currently offline).*

So, today I was sitting here merrily re-working a site I was just wrapping up. Next thing I know, a message pops up on Yahoo! from someone I don't know...

As a quick aside:
I have the following on my "Latest News" for Yahoo! Messenger: I am sick to death of men messaging me with some variation of the following: Hi I am married and looking because I have problems with my wife....blah de blah DO NOT send me s*** like that, OK?This is because of all the lurkers only uncloaking long enough to ask if *u have any pics* well, overdone and boring. Yes?

So this guy pops up on Messenger and says: I am just messaging you because even though we have no marital problems, I just happen to prefer cheating on my wife. :) You going to ignore me now?

So I reply: OK, I'll give you a giggle point and abstain from banishing you to the seventh ring of hell. Will that do?

The he goes on to question me about my "quote" which is: "what matters most is how well you walk through the fire." by Charles Bukowski.

He asked me what I meant by it, and how I could base my life on such a philosophy.

Well, as opposed to simply relaying the entire chat word for word, I figured I would just share with you all, my affinity for this quote and what it really means.

Basically, how I take "what matters most is how well you walk through the fire." is word for word. There's really nothing to do with the beginning or end of everything, but how you go through it.

What ARE you talking about?
Say you have issues. Do you become a raging drunk, druggie, suicidal or do you stand fast, and bravely tread the path, no matter what? Do you stand tall, and though the proverbial coals burn your feet do you go on or do you cave in, like a small child with a sunburn?

It is the journey which I believe makes the person. We will all face our own trials and tribulations in life. We may succeed, or we may fail, drastically. However, isn't the real issue how we walk the walk?

The philosophies of Zen, Buddhism, Rosicrucian and even Christianity tell us that it is the way that counts. The walk which we decide to walk, as opposed to the end that matters.

So he asked me:
How can you live every day that way. "Don't things just drive you crazy sometimes?" My only answer to that was "Strap on the asbestos boots and get going..."

We all have problems. We all have issues. What we need to learn is how to decide which battles are worth fighting and which are best left for the rats. Either we can save our strength to fight the battles which are worth fighting while allowing the less important things to fall to the wayside so that when we must, we can stand up and fight to the death the battles worth fighting to the death. (To this the reply was: "I feel like I am chatting with someone due for a Pulitzer" to that I replied: "Not really, you're talking to someone who knows the difference between what's worth her time and what is not. It's that simple.")

He went on to question how *I* know what's worth it and I answered thusly (again, not a quote, but the gist of the thing, as his was a more specific matter): Basically, you have to learn to decide what is REALLY important. What REALLY matters. What are you fighting for and why? Is the end result worth the ardor? Is it? If it is, then fight for it to the death. If it is not, then stop. Basically, if you are willing to die to see a situation set to rights then it is worth the fight. If what you are fighting for is not worth the life, thus the energy you put forth to continue the battle then it is not.

It is defining these things to oneself which makes one aware and conscious as to what's a worthy reason to fight and what loses it's worth the moment you let it go.

The next thing he said was: "Thank you. Your words meant so much to me, and I feel like I am already able to try and see things more clearly. I am glad I sent you a message even though it was clear that you were bored of my type."

I told him that I was not bored of his type, whatever that might have been, but that I was bored of people always looking to find something better than they had without even posessing the ability to ascertain what was really wrong with what they had to begin with.

Most people just don't know what's "wrong" or "missing" from their lives. Sometimes I truly believe that nothing is wrong or missing, just that maybe they're looking with the wrong eyes.

What do you think? (Seriously, I'd like to know, so do feel free to comment! I am not insulted easily ;) )

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Goodbye, All!

Steven and I are almost out the door for fabulous Las Vegas. I'll see everyone Wednesday! Ciao, my babies!

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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Say Hello to the Guest Posters!

I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning super early (we have to be up at 5:00 am *groan*), so I've had a few lovely people volunteer to take care of the place while I'm gone. Say hello to Nicole, Carla, Christine M, Kimberly (formerly of, and Anabella.

I'll probably post a few more times before I go, but I wanted everyone to know who was going to be hanging around in my absence. Be nice to them and be sure to say hi!

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Two Winners in The Box

I forgot to mention, but this week, I got two great Gold Box Offers that I could refuse.

The first was for The Hunt for Red October (Special Edition) on DVD. It's been on my mind ever since Steven and I watch a submarine program on The Science Channel earlier this week, so I snapped it up and added Field of Dreams so I could qualify for free shipping. Can't wait for them to come in.

The second item was even better and one I can't believe they even put on sale - The Animatrix Gift Set (includes the CD soundtrack). We've watched some of these on the web and they are just incredible. It's going to make a perfect surprise gift for Steven since I told them they weren't coming out on DVD at all. If you're a fan of animation or The Matrix, I highly recommend them. I paired it with This Pen for Hire: A Jaine Austen Mystery by Laura Levine since it comes out in paperback at about the same time.

Some great stuff coming my way soon from Amazon!

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In just a little bit, we're going to take Bella to SophistiCats, the cat boarder that I found for her while we're on vacation.

It's a really nice place where each cat gets their own "condo" - a 4 x 4 x 8 enclosed area that has a door that can be left open or closed so they can come in or out, hanging places for them to sit, and more. It's cats only, so no other animals to bother them. The cats have all kind of toys and even a trelis over the top of the condos so they can climb up there and hide and play.

I am really sure she's going to like it, but this is our first seperation since we've got her and I'm kind of sad. Steven thinks I'm being silly since we're only going to be gone until Wednesday, but I am going to miss her.

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Friday, May 9, 2003

It's Official...

It's official. I'm on vacation. Let the celebration begin!

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Picture Fish IPO

Picture Fish had its BlogShares IPO today, so buy some stock.

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Burn It Complete and Mailed

Last night I finally got done with burning my Burn It - The Spring Edition CDs and I mailed them off this afternoon. Nothing like waiting until the last minute on your own CD exchange!

I was so impressed with the CDs that I have received so far, that I was inspired to print booklets and matching labels, so I hope everyone likes what I got out. I myself really liked how they came together.

Btw, if you want to read what went on the CDs, click the little "Read More" link. I'm going to put the list in the extended entry box so that if you're getting a CD and want the tracklist to remain a surprise, you can.

Read more »

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Seyed just performed a LBO of BlogShares.

I'd bought a ton of stock at $0.00 and then he did a 100:1 split, giving me 100,000 shares. When he bought them, they were at $0.21 a piece, so with three times the price I just made about $63,000. Woot!

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Thursday, May 8, 2003

Happy Thursday

I just got home from my hair appointment and my hair is now a beautiful shade of blonde that I just adore. I've got barbeque sandwich to eat and Survivor on the TiVo. I even ran all the errands today that were on my list. I've got to finish up my Burn It - Spring Edition CDs, but that's all that's on my agenda. Can you say happy Thursday?

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Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Nightmares of Epic Proportions

Last night I had nightmares that I woke up crying from. I was exhausted by the time I got home, so I came home and fell right asleep. Steven just woke me up from one of the worst nightmares of my life. I'm still trying not to cry. I don't even really want to talk about it, but I hope like help that this isn't an effect of the Lexapro. I've always had very vivid dreams and nightmares ever since I was a little girl, but they've really taped off over the past year. Please, please, please don't let this become commonplace again.

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Monday, May 5, 2003

Doctor's Prognosis and a Massage

I had an appointment with my doctor this afternoon to talk about how the first two weeks on Paxil went. I told him about the intense nausea, sleeplessness, and weird feelings that I get if I look at a computer screen for a long time and he said that it sounds like while the Paxil is making me feel better, that it may not be the drug for me. He moved me to something called Lexapro instead. He said that it is a "cleaner" drug and I probably won't experience as many side effects on it. He also gave me a perscription for Ambien, so I'm looking forward to finally getting some sleep.

I also had a massage appointment with the local intern clinic (five hour massages for $100; it's an unbeatable deal) and it was fabulous. Usually when I get a massage I don't want to talk, I just want to be rubbed. The lady tonight, however, and I just kind of clicked. We talked the whole time and she was just so sweet. She has six kids which totally shocked me since I couldn't image having that many, but she absolutely rocked. It's a shame she's graduating this week or I would request her again in a heartbeat.

I am now off to shower and get all this stuff off, but I just had to come and blog. No, I'm not an addict or anything.

Don't forget, if you want to guest blog here while I'm on vacation this next week, just send me an e-mail!

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Sunday, May 4, 2003


I was looking at some of the brush sites that The Tart uses when I came upon the most gorgeous site featuring X-Files stuff (artwork, wallpapers, etc.) by Tere-Art.

The site made me long for the days when Mulder and Scully were integral parts of my week. What a wonderful show it was. I still miss it.

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Happy Birthday, Cheyenne!

Today is Cheyenne's birthday, so go over there and give her some birthday lovin'! Happy birthday, girl! *smooch*

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BlogShares Webring

For those of you who still have your blogs listed on BlogShares there's a new webring - The BlogShares WebRing. Go join the fun.

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Saturday, May 3, 2003

Happy Birthday, Eve!

Before I head off to bed, I wanted to wish Eve a very happy birthday! Enjoy your day, girlie, and that gigantic bunch of flowers you got!

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Early Riser

I bet most of you think that hell has frozen over. It's a Saturday and I'm up before 2:00 in the afternoon.

I lucked out and got contacted for a short online focus group. I give them my opinion for a half hour and they give me $100.

It's about over so I'm going to try and go back to bed.

Everyone enjoy their Saturday!

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Friday, May 2, 2003

Call Me

Okay, service wasn't working on my new Project Blog Nokia 3650 until this afternoon, so if you want to call me and just say hi, the number is 469.939.1094. You can also send me e-mails (I think) to (change AT to @). At least I think that's the e-mail address for the phone. I'm still figuring things out.

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ER Oops

Crap. I wasn't home tonight and the TiVo missed the last twenty minutes of ER. Anyone still have it on theirs willing to send me a copy of it? I totally love ER and would hate to have to miss part of the show.

Damn presidential messages. Why the hell can't they show those on any night but a Thursday?

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Thursday, May 1, 2003


Guess what I just got? My Project Blog Nokia 3650 camera/phone! I'm very excited, though the battery needs charging.

I'm going to try and experiment with it tonight when I meet Jeanna for dinner, so hopefully I'll get a few cool photos to post soon.

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Guest Posting at The Neurotic Fishbowl

Steven and I are leaving for Vegas on the 11th, so I thought I'd open the place up to guest posters while I'm gone. Last year I had Promo do all the posting, but this year I'm going to do what Nicole did when she went to Paris and have multiple guest posters.

Send me an e-mail (replace AT with @) and you'll get to guest blog while I'm in Vegas. You can blog whenever you feel like it, however much you feel like. I just ask that you make at least one post during the four days we're gone.

The more the merrier, so send me your e-mails!

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