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Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Mother Nature is coming to get YOU!

I've been really anxious about various stuff for the past year or so (getting laid off in a dot com bomb, having to really interview for the first time, September 11th, starting a new job, etc.) causing Christine to label me a thudding goat (you know, those goats that faint when they hear a loud noise). We watch a lot of Food TV and The Discovery Channel at my house and it seems that lately The Discovery Channel is obsessed with shows that I have decided go under the genre "Mother Nature hates you and is coming to get you!" This fall we watched a program on mega tsunami followed by one on super massive black holes (the announcer had to say that phrase every chance he could) followed by super volcanoes. These programs make it sound like whatever they are talking about (black holes feeding, tsunami taking out the eastern seaboard, whatever) is going to happen tomorrow. They are currently running a series called Blue Planet - Seas of Life. The first commercial I saw was for creatures of the deep that people never see, the animals that live on the bottom of the oceans and are always so interesting looking. I thought, "Cool! Exotic fish!" and set the Tivo to tape it. It came on the other night while I was on the computer so my boyfriend watched it without me. We're getting ready for bed and he says to me, "You may not want to watch Blue Planet." I'm confused since I thought the show was supposed to be about sea life. Wrong! The first one on the Tivo (which I watched last night) is about how landslides can cause a mega mega tsunami. The show went on to say how there's an island in the Canary Island chain near South Africa where, basically, half the island is going to fall into the ocean, weighing approximately 500 million tons. This should cause a tsunami big enough to take out anything within twelve miles of the eastern coast including New York and Miami. They continue on saying how no one can predict when this will happen, but they're guessing within the next century. I probably don't really have to worry about this, but these shows always make me feel like I need to put my head between my knees and lie down for a while.

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Unfortunately, I Must be Psychic

After having that bad dream about the fish with tailrot, I've been a little worried about my babies. I went up last night to take a shower when my boyfriend announces, "We have a sick fish!" I rush downstairs to see what the problem is. Our red-cap Oranda looks like he scratched himself against something and his eye is inflamed and red. We quarantined him in the ten gallon sick tank, so hopefully this will be the only problem that we have.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Last Night

We had dance class last night until a little after nine (country and western - two step and polka), so by the time we got home, ate dinner, and played in a $6 poker tournament at Paradise Poker (placed third and won $10), I didn't really get to work on the site much. I have completed a "In the Fishbowl (People and Fish in my life)" page, so look for that as soon as Christine can get a chance to create it. I'm also in the middle of a page all about me which should be completed within the next day or so. I'm new to this, so I hope I don't bore anyone too much!

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Fishy Dreams

Had a strange dream last night (I frequently have nightmares and just generally weird dreams) in which I was at a fish store and there were two tanks with fish (my fish? Not sure, but I think so) that had extreme cases of tailrot. For those not familiar with fish diseases (my boyfriend and I, unfortunately, are) it's a bacterial infection in which the fish's fins and tail literally rot off. In my dream, the fish in the tanks had all of their tails missing and some of their bodies. It was really freaky. What a way to start the day off! The weird part is last time I dreamed about one of my fish (a beta), he died two days later! I will now probably be anxious about my fish. Blah.

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Monday, January 28, 2002

The Very First Entry!

Since I was out watching movies all day yesterday (Monsters, Inc. - loved it; The Lord of the Rings - didn't care for it), today is the first day that I'm going to have a chance to blog. It's also my boyfriend Steven's birthday (Happy birthday, honey!) and we have dance class tonight, so I'm not sure how much time I will have to work on the site, but I wanted to thank Christine for helping me set up the site, create the beautiful look, and, in a flash of brilliance and inspiration, come up with the perfect domain name! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I only hope that my blog will come to be as well read and as interesting as yours! I do plan on making all the requisite pages (about me, my life, my fish, etc.) soon, so check back and find out more about me.

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Sunday, January 27, 2002

Life is a Fishbowl

Kymberlie always has a lot to say, wonderful links to share, and stories that are simply hysterical. Now she has a place to put them all. You too can share in ...

The Neurotic Fishbowl that is Her Life.

Posted by Christine as a final test of the new design. Kymberlie will be here soon.

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